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530 West 25th Street, 4th floor

New York, NY 10001

Tel: 1-646-486-4730

Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Landscapes and Moonlights of New Mexico
March 29 to April 23, 2016
Reception Thursday, March 31, 5:00 to 8:00 PM





New York, New York, February 25th 2016. Charles Kaiman exhibits new paintings at Blue Mountain Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. March 29th through April 23rd, 2016. This is his eighteenth one person show in New York City. Kaiman has been painting daily for the last fifty-five years.


Born in 1947 in the Bronx to two indulgent parents, Charles was allowed as a toddler to draw and paint on walls of his apartment. As a child prodigy, at the age of 12 and 13  he painted religious murals (6’ x 48’) for the Israel Community Center Synagogue in Levittown, New York. He attended the Art Students League, and studied with Jean Liberte at 13. After Liberte’s death several years later, he studied with Edwin Dickinson at the League as well.


While searching for his approach, he combined his passion for Bel Canto opera and transposed his understanding of vocal production into painting. A collector of classic opera recordings, his studio is nearly always filled by magnificent arias as he paints. This musical quality of his art, the use of sequential pure tones, is demonstrated in his work. His focus while painting is on modulated tonal purity, using sequences of color-value as taught by his instructor Edwin Dickinson.


In 2003, Charles Kaiman moved from New York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The monumental landscape of the Southwest deeply impacted his painting, and is frequently the subject of his work. He avoids any artificial visual aids, and paints either directly from life or from his sketches. His goal is to convey the emotional effect of the landscape to the canvas. In his moonlights, he strives to transmit the sense of awe he feels when experiencing the transcendent immutability of the New Mexico moon.


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